Cash for Junk Cars in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michigan is the country’s automobile manufacturing center and has been an incremental part of creating a reputation for American made vehicles. There’s no shortage of vehicles in Michigan, but that also means that there is no shortage of junk from those cars that have retired from the road. Unfortunately, not even American manufacturing has yet to be able to keep a car from eventually breaking down.

Junk Car Lansing is the perfect solution to get an old car off your Grand Rapids, MI property and out of your hair. All you have to do is tell us about your junk car, and we will make sure you get the best deal for your junk. Let’s take a look at the junk car selling process in Grand Rapids, Michigan and how you can get your cash today.

Selling Junk Cars

A junk car is considered one that is so damaged that it makes more sense to sell it for scrap than to put the money into repairing it. Junk cars are probably those that have been sitting on a property for years, rusting away. Other junk cars can be those that are damaged, but still have some operable parts. These cars will give you more value.

How Much Is My Car Worth?

Your car is made out of a series of complex machinery systems, and metal. Steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, lead, and platinum are all found in cars, and all have worth, even if the car they come off of is nowhere near functioning. Scrap steel can be worth anywhere from $150-$300 per ton (2,000lbs).

Get Cash Today

If you have a junk car that you’ve been meaning to get rid of, stop dilly-dallying and call Junk Car Lansing. There are a lot of places that are willing to get your junk car off of your hands, but we promise that we will treat you fairly and offer you a fair, competitive price. We will give you an estimate on the spot, and have your cash ready as soon as we get your car. We want to give you the best deal in Grand Rapids, and hope that you will let us help you get rid of that yard eyesore once and for all.

Give us a call at 1-517-803-0288‬ today, or visit our website to get your quote instantly. We buy all cars and guarantee that we will give you the best customer service no matter where you are in Michigan.

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