Cash for Junk Cars in Meridian Charter Township

Junk cars used to be a pain to get rid of. You had to tow them to a junkyard just to be offered a lower price than you expected, keep them as a deteriorating lawn ornament, or you had to put in the time and money to get the car back on the road again. Today, it is easier than ever to get rid of your old junk car, and get paid for it too! If you live in Meridian Charter Township, Michigan, let Junk Cars Lansing take that old car off your hands.

Junk Cars Lansing is dedicated to giving each and every customer a great experience from the first dial. We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to get a junk car off of your property, so we’ve made it easy for you. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have to get rid of a junk car, how much your car could be worth, and why Junk Cars Lansing is the best option.

What Is a Junk Car?

A junk car is defined as a car that will cost more money to fix than you can actually get back from it when resold. These cars have been in and out of the shop with never ending problems, and maybe have even been retired to the back corner of your property. Once your car is deemed “junk,” you have a few options: Spend money to fix the car. Spend time to fix it yourself, trade it in to a dealership for credit towards a new car, find a private buyer for the car, disassemble it and sell it for scrap, or sell it to a junk car buyer like Junk Cars Lansing in Meridian Charter Township.

For those that do not have the time or skill required to fix a car, many of these options are impossible. Someone with the expertise can fix their car themselves and save money outside of the shop. They can also disassemble their car into parts that can be resold, and scrap, both which require a buyer that will give you a good price. Shopping around for buyers, or waiting on a private buyer to bite can take weeks.

If your car has been spending more time at the shop than it has on the road, putting more money into it is not going to be a viable option. Sure, it could keep your car going for one more month, but it is a guarantee that it will cost you more money soon. When you take your car into a dealership, you get credit towards a new car. This could come in handy, but you are restricted to that dealership and their inventory for the best return.

Sell Your Car to Junk Cars Lansing

We love junk cars, and we love saving you the hassle that a junk car entails. When you decide to sell your car to us at Junk Cars Lansing, all it requires is a quick phone call. We will talk about your car, and give you a cash offer right there on the phone. You will have your cash in hand in no time, and have that junk car out of your hair just as fast.

Junk cars are worth anywhere from $100-$5,000 or more depending on your car’s make, model, year, and condition. Its worth comes from any usable parts, along with its weight in scrap metal. If in good condition, parts like belts, glass windows, tires, electronics and batteries can all add to the overall value of your car.

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