Sell your junk Volkswagen Passat and get the best offer

So you decided to sell your junk Volkswagen Passat? Junk Car Lansing can offer you the best price for your old clunker. Call us to give a bit of detail about your car and our proficient team will be there to take that eyesore off from your driveway. No matter what condition, age and model your car has, we will buy it from you. You don’t have to worry about anything as we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our customer by providing best service in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

Car Donation

Want to Donate your car?  Click here for a good car donation program.

What is Junk Car Lansing?

Junk Car Lansing lets you sell your junk cars in a quick, easy, and a free manner.

Can I sell more than one junk car?

Yes, you can sell as many as you want. Junk Car Lansing always looks out for the junk cars.

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  • 999 ford Crown victoriaLas Vegas, Naveda$265

||What Our Customer Are Saying||

Eric Boetmen

5 5 1
I wanted to sell my junk cars and finally found a great service for it. Junk Car Lansing offered the best services and made the entire process easy for me.

Ashley Williams

4 5 1
I sold my junk cars through Junk Car Lansing, and they provided me with incredible selling services. Highly Recommended.

Danny Ward

5 5 1
Junk Car Lansing offers very professional and speedy services. It is recommended for everyone who want to sell their junk cars. Thumbs Up to their services.