Cash for Junk Cars in Novi

Junk cars can be found all over the United States, and unfortunately, Novi is not an exception. Junk cars are inconvenient to deal with. You have several options when it comes to getting rid of a junk car, but many end up taking a lot of time and money to resolve. If you live in Novi, Michigan selling your car for cash at Junk Car Lansing is by far the best option.

Junk Car Lansing is an award-winning family run business that is dedicated to giving junk car owners the best experience possible from start to finish. We will go all across Michigan to buy junk cars. Here’s a look at what the junk car selling process looks like, and how you can get in contact with us today.

Sell Your Car to Junk Car Lansing

A junk car is considered a vehicle that will cost more money to get in a working condition than it could ever get back when sold in working condition. We all wish that our cars would last forever, but that is simply not the case. When your car reaches the end of its years, and spends more time in the shop than on the road, you can choose to spend the money and/or time to fix it. You can also find a buyer, trade it in for minimal value towards a new vehicle, or you can sell it to Junk Car Lansing.

We don’t want you to have any more stress caused by your junk car, so we’ve made our buying process fast and easy. You can sell your car to us in just four simple, straightforward steps:

  1. Give us a call. Pick up the phone and call +1-517-803-0288. We will have a conversation about your car, and give you an offer instantly based on what we hear. We will want to know the make, model, year, condition, and location of the vehicle. It is important to answer questions as honestly and accurately as possible so we can give you the best estimate.
  2. Take it or leave it. Our offer comes with absolutely no obligations. You can take it, or you can continue looking for estimates elsewhere. We want you to be confident when you decide to sell your car to us, so take your time! Once you have accepted, begin preparing the car’s title, keys, and make sure we can have access to the car at pickup
  3. We’ll come to you. We’ll set up a time that works for you to come get your car, and can be there within 24 to 48 hours. If you need a roofing compny.  Once we’re there, we will inspect the car, make sure all of the paperwork is in order, and get it ready to go.
  4. Get your Cash! Once we have gotten everything squared away, we will hand over cash or a check, whatever you’d prefer. We’ll load up your junk car and get it out of your hair for good. It’s that easy!

Contact Us

If you are ready to talk to us about your junk car, pick up the phone and give us a call. You can also visit our website to get a quote online, find out more about us and even read what others are saying about us. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

||What Our Customer Are Saying||

Eric Boetmen

5 5 1
I wanted to sell my junk cars and finally found a great service for it. Junk Car Lansing offered the best services and made the entire process easy for me.

Ashley Williams

4 5 1
I sold my junk cars through Junk Car Lansing, and they provided me with incredible selling services. Highly Recommended.

Danny Ward

5 5 1
Junk Car Lansing offers very professional and speedy services. It is recommended for everyone who want to sell their junk cars. Thumbs Up to their services.