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  • Call us to provide information about year, make and model of the car or click to submit a free quote.
  • You will be given an upfront offer within minutes and a convenient pick-up time will be decided.
  • No personal information will be required during the above steps.
  • Our driver will contact you before arriving at the destination on the decided time and will ask for a final confirmation.
  • Cash will be paid instantly upon our driver’s arrival.
  • No negotiations will be done while the pickup process is being conducted. Agreed amount will be paid upon the retrieval of the vehicle.

Old car which accompanied you to the market some years back (last drive) can give you stress “daily stress”. Especially, if you neighbors are giving dirty looks to it! But selling car is also an easy in the current scenario of hustle and bustle living, Sundays are meant for family time and not for selling junk. Selling car online is also not a safe option, you are not aware of the person, who is inspecting your car with great interest. Your car may land in the hands for a criminal, which is threat to you and the society. In most cases, there is no police verification in the process of car selling. What is the next option available to you, repair it! In today’s time buying a second hand car is better than repairing your junk again and again, leave this option. The third option, sell it to a junkyard, yes, it will offer you good sum of money, but you have to undergo a hassle full process. Firstly, tow the car to the junkyard house, it is money wasting step, as most towing companies will make you pay than what you will get after selling your car. After towing, the process of breaking down in parts, all junkyard owners won’t quote a price before breakdown down your car into pieces. Avoid all the above time consuming methods of getting rid of an old car, contact Junk Car Lansing and get your driveway or garage free from that rubbish. We offer free on sport pick. We accept any make any mode.. We are sure to get the best price in the market with us. We will take care of the paper work, so don’t worry about that! You just make up your mind positively to get money for you. We accept any make any mode.

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